Hosted test not working, but appears on channel fine


I have an extremely basic example of a html file only containing a body, a div, some text and the Twitch Extension Helper. I zipped the single file and uploaded it to the file asset. I set the “Panel view path” to index.html.

However, whenever I try to go to the “base uri”, I only get an 404, tried with Firefox, Chrome and Edge.

The response / request header contains the following:

As noted in the “x-cache”, there seem to be an error from Cloudfront.

The response body is just the standard 404 from Nginx.

Looking at the console doesn’t yield any results either, as that only shows that the GET request didn’t make it.

However, looking at the extension on my Twitch profile / page / whatever it’s called, it’s working and producing the text.

So, why isn’t the base URI working? Is it an known ‘issue’ that Cloudfront is really slow at updating, or does this have anything to do with Twitch CDN only updating like, once every day or something? Or is the base URI not meant to be used in the way I’m trying to use it (aka looking at my extension outside of doing so on my own Twitch page)?

Twtich Extensions are uploaded to, a sub folder on a sub domain of ext-twitch

So there will never be anything at the “root”/baseURI