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Hi there, we’re Gamious, a games developer from the Netherlands.

We’ve started gamedevnetwork on Twitch, a channel where we want to host lots of game developers interacting weekly with their audience.( As it’s probably going to be a new dev every 1 or 2 hours, 24/7, it’s not really possible to host manually, so we’re searching for a bot that can do this hosting on an automated schedule.

We’ve been trying to look for bots that can do this, but to no avail (We tried Coebot, but haven’t gotten it to work). Does anyone on here have any ideas? Much appreciated!

Well I know it is possible as I was contracted to build one.

You might want to look at hiring someone to cover all your Twitch Bot needs rather than trying to operate with something off the shelf!

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Thanks for the info. I sent you a message.

Moobot does 24/7 automatic hosting. Not sure if it fits exactly to your needs though, if you’re going to preschedule hosts.

Deepbot (.NET - a local bot streamer application) has this (paid) feature where you can add the stream channels to its list (the first month is free…) but you donate $5 or more per month (to continue using it) and you need it to run it 24/7 on your Windows System.

Hi Moocat,

We’ve been trying Moobot in combination with Coebot, but how can we schedule events?
On scheduled times we can make Coebot say “/host [channelname]” or “!host [channelname]”, but besides displaying this message, nothing really happens. Even if we give the proper rights.

Do you have any ideas?

Hi Kyroskoh,

Thanks, looks promising. I assume this is the “- Automated Hosting Manager to automatically host your favorite streams when they are online” feature listed on ?

Do you know if you can schedule this or is this just an automated, non-customizable thing?

I’ll try to contact deepbot as well with this questions.


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