Bug -> language filter

Hello Community:grinning:.

  • Want to report a bug.
    It’s about the language filter.

If I want to watch livestreams in English, will German and Russian streams be listed too.
See screenshot in the appendix.

It’s a pity to search for streams in the language, but not all of them are displayed.

Would be nice if someone would take care of the problem or the bug.

Best regards.

Not really a bug since two of the three examples have their language sent to English so they are included under that category. The third likely had it listed under English originally and then changed it.

With the streamers setting this up in the options, this is a little weird.
Maybe they can speak two languages.

Anyway. Thanks for the feedback: :+1:
A nice greeting to you. And you also have a nice weekend, even if it’s only Thursday :grinning:.

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