[Question] Language Filter (Twitch Beta)

Hello Community & Twitch Members :grinning:.

Have me registered at a problem / question about Twitch.

Since the new beta version of Twitch, the language button is missing :sleepy:.

Previously, you could set the language (English, Dansk, Russian, Slovensk, Norsk, Polski …), where all streams were displayed. But now this button is suddenly missing, can someone help me please, would be very nice.

  • Now all stream is displayed in all languages, but until you find the stream in its language, you need a lot of time and is sometimes very frustrating :astonished:.

  • The streams where there are few viewers and are not so known until one has found them, it takes a while. What could be a great loss for the streamer.

Have a screenshot inserted, so you know what I mean exactly. For live channels was the language button.

By the way, is there already a release date for the final version?

Greetings Unitforce.

You can leave feedback about the beta here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeYbdKX0Wm8pAcet4GIAKVBxX8otHEFnSt_qdnAuZ7SFvHkSw/viewform

The beta is not meant to be feature complete at this time. It’s current testing new backend tech so it might be a while before everything is ported over.