Can I only fetch my own vod markers?

Hello, I’m trying to get vod makers from another channels vod but I get the error 403. I then read this “The only markers returned are those created by the user identified by the Bearer token.”

Does that mean I can only fetch the markers I have created myself and not the ones created by the streamer/streamers Mods?

Vod makers reference

Edit: Nevermind, seems like some of the wording in the docs is incorrect. Listen to Barry’s advice :stuck_out_tongue:


It Returns all the markers for the broadcaster of user_id for video video_id regardless of whom made them.

You need a oAuth token with user:read:broadcast for the same user in the user_id

If you are a moderator for streamer foo

You need an oAuth token for streamer foo and then you can fetch all markers for streamer foo made by any user with the marker creator permissions

Ah oke, so I will need permission (e.g. Mod) in streamers channel.
Thanks for the help!

To create markers via the dashboard requires “editor” which can be given without moderator powers.

To use the API to fetch or create requires an oAuth from the broadcaster or an editor of the channel in question with user:edit:broadcast scope applied to the key

Ah now I understand.

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