Channel points redeemed but no audio

Hello, i just recently set up four things on my channel for ppl to be able to redeem there points with but when they do i do not hear any audio for them however the sound alerts i do hear when someone uses them

There are no sounds made by Twitch when channel points redemptions happen

Sounds like you need to contact the developer of the notification system you are using.

see i set up sound alerts via the exntenstion. that works when those are redeemed i hear them…the ones that i dont hear are the ones that use the channel points to redeem that i dont hear and i contacted twitch already but have not heard back…and the reason i think either i did something wrong or there not working is i ahve redeemed things on other channels with simular setups and the audio comes through

As Barry has said, Twitch don’t do sounds when you redeem channel points, that’s not something they offer.

If you are not hearing any notification when channel points are being used, and you are using an overlay or extension that is designed to trigger a sound when channel points are used, then you should contact the developers of that app, not Twitch.

I apologize but it seems i may have ask my question in the wrong way…the redeem things i figured out with my extension as i have gotton that work however some channel points that i had set up to redeem for action on my channel are there for those audio on the extnesion and ppl are trying to use those on my channel to triger the audio from the extension and i do not know how to remove/change those…for example on the extension i have crab rave which takes bitties to redeem…and for 500 channel points ppl can redeem the crab rave…without remove the exension how can i remove the ability to remdeem with channel points

i found out how :slight_smile:

So you building an extension or usings someone elses extension?

if someone elses extension you will need to ask the developer of that extension for support/assistance

Sounds like you are using someone elses extension, it should provide control options to manage what rewards the extensions offer.

You can also go to your points dashboard to remove the channel points rewards. But the extension may readd those rewards as it’s expecting to use them as configured.

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