Clip creation should allow for further customization

Currently you can use the following endpoint to create a clip for a stream, similar to clicking the “clip” button when watching a user:

When using that, you get sent an ID for the clip and an “edit_url”. Clicking the edit URL takes you to a screen where you can do things like crop the clip, set its length between 30 - 60 seconds, give it a title, etc.

But this is pointless for something that’s used in an automated fashion. The endpoint used to actually edit the clip resides under the endpoint, which we are forbidden from using. SO only a real user in their browser can go an customize the clip. That means we’re stuck creating clips that:

  • Are exactly 30 seconds long
  • Have no offset
  • Are titled exactly what the stream is titled

Clip creation through the Twitch API should allow for this functionality to open up further options for devs to create more dynamic content for the streamer. The existing API endpoint for creating clips should atleast allow for a title to be set and a duration between 30 - 60 to be determined.

Feature suggestions should go to

Fairly sure there are some suggestions to improve the clip creator API.
But the current form is just basic.

Since most of these suggestions need to be more indepth like saying when the start time is and legnth, rather than it’s current form of “just go make a clip”

For the most part the Api just hasn’t kept up with changes and improvements made to the clip create system as a whole

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