Commercials API don't work once again


We are having the exactly the same issue as explained in this other closed topic since yesterday: Commercials via API and Dashboard be broken

We didn’t change anything (same code, same authentication token, tried to reauthorize app, …).

The commercial API returns a success message every time I call it (even if I don’t wait for 8 minutes between two commercials), but nobody gets any ad.
{"Message":"Starting commercial break. Keep in mind you are still live and not all viewers will receive a commercial.","Length":180,"RetryAfter":0}

I don’t understand why the commercials API is still unstable, it causes an important lost of turnover, and this issue already occurred some times for months…

Do you have similar issues? What can we do?

Thank you, any kind of help is much appreciated.

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Yeah, hard to tell that things are not working when the only way to confirm it is to go on the site and watch the ad pop up or not.

How long has it been broken this time?

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