No USERNOTICE messages? (Subcribers on PubSub?)

Why is it possible that i don’t see USERNOTICE messages with sub/resub at all? I’m connected to chat NOT as streamer, but as bot-user with MOD. Should i connect to IRC as streamer to see those messages? I did
and receiving messages with bits and other stuffs as expected in raw messages, but there are no any sub-related messages. I didnt found anything related rights for that. Any ideas? At least where should i look for about this issue?

Hmm the docs say you only need Tags capability.

But everything I’ve ever done using USERNOTICE I’ve requested the commands cap too.

So not sure if it’s a bug or not, but then I don’t consume USERNOTICE anymore I’m pure Pubsub.

So add the commands cap and see if it works for you?

If could also be a problem with your IRC parser, has it been modified to handle IRCv3 data properly (but yes I do see you are interrogating RAW)?

I’ll try to add commands cap, but not sure it will affect anything. IRC parser - i’m using pircbot

You need capability to get the USERNOTICE and to have its tags included in it. See commands cap docs


hehe I missed that in my pre-coffee state

Thanks, @3ventic, now i see USERNOTICEs, but miss sub notices. I’ll try to work with PubSub as @BarryCarlyon suggested.

Okay, so. Now my question switched to PubSub. Is it correct that i receive channel-subscribe-events-v1 only after user click “SHARE”? What if user will never click it?

That is correct for PubSub and USERNOTICEs. It’s only sent if they hit share. If they don’t then nothing comes through and the only way to know is polling the API with the correct Auth for the sub list.

very, very bad :confused: thanks

The user chose to lurk sub. The user doesn’t want their sub to be recognised by the streamer.

Sounds logical

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