Developer Rig Setup Issues

I have noticed that when launching the developer Rig it states it is hosting the resources on local however at closer inspection the iframes are trying to load from localhost:8080 which of course doesn’t work because the ssl check fails.

In my manifest file all the frontend resources point to mywebserver so I’m not entirely sure why it is using localhost.

Is there some command line argument I am missing to pull frontend files from my webserver?

here is my current command line to execute yarn
yarn start -l “F:\WebContent\panel.json” -s < secret > -c “F:\WebContent\config.json”

here is my manifest.json file
“channel”: “jordan30001”,
“clientID”: “i62phq93mgrc27ubyddvpz9yy8dzvd”,
“ownerName”: “jordan30001”,
“version”: “0.0.1”

Here is my panel.json config
“id”: “i62phq93mgrc27ubyddvpz9yy8dzvd”,
“state”: “Testing”,
“version”: “0.0.1”,
“anchor”: “”,
“panel_height”: 300,
“author_name”: “jordan30001”,
“support_email”: “support@localhost”,
“name”: “Song Playlist Chooser”,
“description”: “Description of extension 1674740137.”,
“summary”: “Summary of extension 1674740137.”,
“viewer_url”: “”,
“viewer_urls”: {
“panel”: “”,
“video_overlay”: “”,
“component”: “”,
“mobile”: “
“views”: {
“panel”: {
“viewer_url”: “”,
“height”: 300
“video_overlay”: {
“viewer_url”: “
“component”: {
“viewer_url”: “”,
“aspect_width”: 5000,
“aspect_height”: 3000,
“size”: 0,
“zoom”: true,
“zoom_pixels”: 1024
“mobile”: {
“viewer_url”: “
“config”: {
“viewer_url”: “
“live_config”: {
“viewer_url”: “
“config_url”: “”,
“live_config_url”: “”,
“icon_url”: “”,
“icon_urls”: {
“100x100”: “
“screenshot_urls”: [
“asset_urls”: “”,
“installation_count”: -42,
“can_install”: true,
“whitelisted_panel_urls”: [],
“whitelisted_config_urls”: [],
“required_broadcaster_abilities”: [],
“eula_tos_url”: “”,
“privacy_policy_url”: “”,
“request_identity_link”: false,
“vendor_code”: “”,
“sku”: “”,
“bits_enabled”: false

Due to the extension security model - front end assets can only be hosted locally or from the Twitch Extension CDN. I expect that this is what is causing the problem. Instead of hosting the frontend files from your webserver (since they won’t be hosted there when the extension is ultimately installed and running), I’d try to host them using the rig’s host command if you don’t want to set up a local hosting solution.