Does anyone have an idiot proof guide to the dev rig and example projects?

I’m new to developing extensions, thought i was following along the read me’s alright, however, I’m running into a couple of problems i can’t seem to get past.

  • hapi module not found.
  • connection refused.
  • hello world example colours not changing.

I’m looking to just get the hello world example running smoothly at this point, and not sure what the next steps are.

Hello, first of all, there are some things that javascript projects share, they are the node modules, every project contains a manifest file where it describes all the necessary libraries for the project to work, usually where the package.json is located. give the command to install the modules, something like: npm install or npm i or yarn

Sorry that you’re running into challenges. For the Hello World backend, from the root in that project (my-extension) run npm install hapi. That should get you fixed.

Thanks for the info. If i also wanted to point the rig in the direction of a new project how would I go about that? Like with the rig part, i find the yarn host section rather confounding in terms of where i’m running these things (idiot proof as well would be much appreciated haha).

There are 2 key things in the yarn host command.

  1. The location of the manifest (automatically created for Hello World using the run script), and can also be created with the yarn create-manifest command for your own project.
  2. The location of the front end files. If you look at the manifest, you will see pathways like". You want to make sure the folder location the host points to is the folder that contains your frontend files (ex panel.html).

When you have both of these, the rig should host the files for your project.

Let me know if you like to hop on a call next week to talk through your experience. We are actively looking at ways to simplify this experience and get devs set up for success with their own projects. Thanks!

That could be good, i’ll send you a message privately, and thanks for more info.