Does the mobile extension not support redirection to another URL?

I want my users to be redirected to a particular deeplink on clicking my extension, but when I implemented this, it wasn’t working as it should.
Is there a reason for that?

NOTE: It’s working fine in panel, component and overlay extension.

Twitch Extensions are not allowed to navigate at all.

If you are displayling a link, that link should include a target="_blank" and open a new window

I have implemented that only. But it doesn’t redirect in case of mobile extension.

I am unable to find an issue on one of my released extensions!

I have a

<a href="" target="_blank">Data Provided by</a>

Which works as expected on Mobile and on Desktop.

Opens a new widows/opens a webview.

The domain name is in the allowlist for panel URL’s (not that tha usually makes any difference)

<button class="btn" (click)="onClick()">

Then I have a method in my ts file,

  onClick() {, '_blank')?.focus();

This is not working, however using a tag works.

Inline javascript is disallowed in extensions.

You would have to use addEventListener instead in a JS file.

Thank You