Duplicated Channel Feed reactions Error

Hello my friends,

I found a “bug” in POST /feed/:channel/posts/:id/reactions
If you want to add a duplicated entry (Same Post, Same Emote, Same user) you get the following error

  "error": "Internal Server Error",
  "status": 500,
  "message": "undefined method `user=' for nil:NilClass"

I guess there should be different status error on duplicated entry’s.

The first insert is always fine with the proper response

  "id": "1061755",
  "emote_id": "64293",
  "created_at": "2016-04-22T11:47:59Z",
  "user": {
    "display_name": "zAfLu",
    "_id": 9768377,
    "name": "zaflu",
    "type": "user",
    "bio": "",
    "created_at": "2010-01-05T01:23:20Z",
    "updated_at": "2016-04-22T11:15:37Z",
    "logo": "https://static-cdn.jtvnw.net/jtv_user_pictures/zaflu-profile_image-0bc0156756468b68-300x300.png",
    "_links": {
      "self": "https://api.twitch.tv/kraken/users/zaflu"

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