Can’t save Bits Products in Dev Rig


I tried to create and save some Bit Products in the Dev Rig. However, if I want to save the entries, nothing happens.

There is shown an error in my console:

POST$%7BclientId%7D/products/put 400

Any idea, how to solve this?

This sounds like you didn’t configure your rig correctly and the clientID (aka extension ID) is missing.

Please recheck you have configured the rig correctly, restart the rig, and clear localstorage

Hi Barry, thanks for the reply.

I’ve double checked this. Everything seems to be correct. I can access the Manage Bits Products tab. If configuration wouldn’t be correctly, the tab would be gray :frowning:

One for @bescuseme

Greg Come get riggy with it

Okay, I found the error in some of the Rig source files:

_line 183:
*const path = ‘/v5/bits/extensions/twitch.ext.${clientId}/products/put’;

has to be
const path = `/v5/bits/extensions/twitch.ext.${clientId}/products/put`;

In your git repository this is correct, in your provided zip-files of the Dev Rig not

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