Extension review takes too long

Twitch asked me for a detailed description of the extension in the previous review, and I just wrote a detailed description without a single line of code modification and made a new review request.

I made a review request for my extension on Wed, Jan, 17 2018 11:21:20 KST (UTC+9).
However, the review was not completed until Wed, Jan, 24 2018 18:56:00 KST (UTC+9).

It is a problem that the extension review does not end over a week even considering the weekend and the world time difference.

We appreciate your patience. Being a somewhat new process, occasionally scenarios arise which require further investigation. Typically, these are policy-related corner-cases that warrant further conversations with the appropriate stakeholders.

Not receiving feedback is not a good experience, and this is something that we are trying to address. An action for us here, is to attempt to provide what feedback we can, as early as possible.