Extension unavailable in mobile app

I’ve got an extension that works as a panel and an overlay.
Trying to get it to appear in the Twitch iOS mobile app, but no success so far.

As I’m understanding it, to get an extension to appear in the mobile requires the following
- In Asset Hosting:
- Type of Extension: “Mobile” must be check marked
- Mobile Path must be defined (and included as an asset)
- On the streamer side in Creator Dashboard > Extensions
- Extension must be installed
- Options available are “Panel” and “Video - Fullscreen” (We’re not yet doing a component)
- There’s no option for Mobile, and neither Pannel nor Fullscreen does the trick.

Are there any additional settings, configurations or considerations?

Did you fill in the iOS request form

To submit your iOS/Apple Team ID to Twitch?

if the streamer activates it in any slot then the mobile slot is enabled. Mobile isn’t “a selectable” slot as if it’s in any slot on PC then it’s in a mobile slot on mobile (if you filled in the form)

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BarryCarlyon thanks. I missed that note. Big help.