Local Test Mobile Panel

In my local testing, I’m hosting the FE assets on my server and including links to a Panel and Mobile version of the Extension. I can see the Panel on the Stream just fine, but when I load the website via m.twitch.tv/channel_name I’m not seeing the Mobile version of the Extension.

Is there something else I can do to preview the Mobile version of the Extension, or it can only be done on the Twitch Dev Rig?

The mobile version of the extension is intended to work in the iOS or android apps. Not the m.twitch browser versions (to the best of my knowledge)

in a quick nonconclusive test. m.twitch doesn’t support extensions at all.

I see, so on m.twitch.tv there’s no Extension support then?

Also, when viewing my channel on the Twitch App, I still can’t see the Mobile version of the Extension. :confused:

If you are on iOS you need to have gotten your Extension and Apple Team ID whitelisted:

The form is linked here ^^ under “asset hosting”

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Gotcha! Even for testing I have to do this. Thanks

Yup as even in test mode, your code is running on an Apple device and apple needs to know who you are. Basically

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