Follow/Host Notifications & IRC Notices

Hi All,

Just sanity checking something just shout if any of these assumptions are wrong

Any chance I can do any of this with PubSub or IRC :wink:
My main perf concern at the moment is figuring out unfollows requires perodic scanning over the entire follow list. Also the fact I’m using 2 undocumented APIs.


You are mostly right, but I’d suggest you not to provide any service telling WHO unfollowed. It would be against the “good community” behaviour as a lot of people would use that to trash-talk or insult those who unfollow. A lot of persons can be toxic if they know who stopped following them, trust me.

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Oh no I wouldn’t have an unfollow notifcation but for anayltics and awarding points ect… its data we need to know at some level.

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