Followers/Subscribers filter by date


It would be great to be able to filter followers and subscribers by start_date and end_date on the created_at attribute.

You use sortby,direction. sortby=created_at&direction=ASC This will return first follow/sub to last follow/sub in the 0 -> direction. so for say endpoint /users/test_user1/follows/channels for a test you could do something like echo user test_user1 followed json(jsonfile,follows,[index],channel,name) on json(jsonfile,follows,[index],created_at) in a loop and it would echo the order that test_user1 followed people. “note always count the followers array in the json for the loop!” Don’t go by any local variable you set for the limit param.

Two birds with one stone.
For subscribers you can do a “webhook” by using the TMI “irc” protocol and have it ignore everything if it isn’t from jtv as a pm or twitchnotifier in the channel you want to have that hook with. There is no way to get followers yet for a channel. Just pass your client-id in the http header and make sure you’re reasonable with grabbing the latest follower. direction=DESC&limit=10 should suffice for a few every cpl minutes if it isn’t a huge channel.