Game appears twice with different names

Hi! I’m the developer of a game called “Space Gladiators” which was previously called “Space Gladiators: Escaping Tartarus”.

I had first added the game on Giantbomb about a year ago under the old name and just recently changed it to the new name both on Giantbomb and by adding it to IGDB.

Now there are two different categories on Twitch with two different names. Would it be possible to combine those and keep only the one named “Space Gladiators”? Ideally keeping the followers / videos that were accumulated over the last year or so.


Hi @blobfish,

I reached out to some of the folks who know more about managing games on Twitch. They mentioned it looks like was recently added, but it was already on IGDB at

The duplication checks missed this, so the team is going to remove the newer one so you can claim and control the older entry via

Let me know if you have any questions. I hope this moves toward resolving the issue.

Oh that makes sense. Awesome, thanks for the answer!

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