Game Name Change


I’m one of the team members behind Gala Collider. When we first created our Giant Bomb page the game title had no space “GalaCollider” and that’s what appears on Twitch. However; we have updated our Giant Bomb page to reflect the correct name of “Gala Collider” with the space. Giant Bomb has been updated for quite some time but the game still shows without a space on twitch. Can someone advise what we need to do to get the space between the words added on our game?

You should be able to go here: and claim your game from there to update it among other things

Can only do the following at the dashboard:

  • edit boxart
  • export csv

Yes, i am administrator with highest permissions.

What am i missing?

I also tried contacting twitch and they tell me to go to this forum to get the name change done.

Hello, I just wanted to bring this around. Our company is registered on We can adjust the box art there, but I don’t see an option to rename it. Again, it does show the space on giantbomb.

Yeah. Exact same here. Been trying to get the name changed for months now… It’s ridiculous.

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