Getting Chat replay transcript?

I tried to search elsewhere but it’s better to ask here. Now that there’s the chat replay feature, is there a way to extract a transcript of a VOD chat? Youtube uses xml pages to show subtitles and annotations. I guess Chat Replay uses a similar function to query and show the chat synced with the video. How can we get that “page”?
I’m asking because then it’s easier to build a chat transcript from that, than watching the entire video and copying it from the source. Also I don’t know if it’s a proper question, I’m trying it anyway.
P.S. I put “Chat” as sub-section but i guess “API” is right too.
Thanks for your answers


TIMESTAMP is the absolute epoch timestamp to start querying for messages. It appears each query will return a 30 second window of messages. This timestamp appears to delayed ~14 seconds from the true timestamp of the message likely do account for HLS delay.

VOD_ID is the ID of the VOD where the message was sent.

As always, this API is unsupported and not intended for 3rd party use so it might change without warning.

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