Helix /streams returns display name as user_name

The helix /streams API returns the display name in the user_name field, despite the official docs saying Login name corresponding to user_id https://dev.twitch.tv/docs/api/reference/#get-streams

As example, from the top 100 streams currently some have as user_name field: "Riot Games", "ELEAGUE TV", "치킨쿤" which is the display_name not the login username like the docs say. Appears to be a bug to me, either in the API or at least in the docs and field name.

Anyone know if that’s intentional or if there’s a way to report that and a chance of that getting fixed?

PS: I know I can just work around that by getting the names manually with a separate request but just curious what the procedure is in general for bugs and things like that?

Edit: example stream from response data:

   "id": "32371626496",
   "user_id": "37323664",
   "user_name": "スタンミ",
   "game_id": "21779",
   "community_ids": [],
   "type": "live",
   "title": "脳を動かせ",
   "viewer_count": 2201,
   "started_at": "2019-01-25T18:42:36Z",
   "language": "ja",
   "thumbnail_url": "https://static-cdn.jtvnw.net/previews-ttv/live_user_sutanmi-{width}x{height}.jpg",
   "tag_ids": [

This issue also affects me - would be nice to have a fix, either in API or in documentation.

Get Videos endpoint (https://dev.twitch.tv/docs/api/reference/#get-videos) is affected as well.

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