Get login (username) or display_name with the streams endpoint

I’m playing around with the api, listing games, when a game is clicked I list the streams, but I’m missing the streamers name.

I’m not sure how to approach this, making a request for each one doesn’t seem like a good idea and requesting all users at once means I have to pair the two results some how.

Is it possible to get the login (username) or display_name through the streams endpoint?

Not as far as I know (at least not savely). The only thing definitely related to the user behind a stream is the given user_id.
You can collect those from your first request and create a second one using the users endpoint with id=firstId&id=secondId etc.

What you can try as well eventhough I don’t know how safe that is (regarding the correctness of the outcome) would be to read the thumbnail_url field which ends in the following (at least in the examples and a test request I made):


parsing this with something like .split(/[_-]/)[2] should get you the login of the user.

Again though I don’t know whether that will always stay like that nor whether that will always be kept in that format.

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