Hello world problem starting

Hi guys,

I’m stating up with building extension for twitch and naturally, Iv’e started with the hello world example.
Unfortunately, it does not work properly.
I have done all the tasks in the git including creating the SSL files and copying them to the conf folder.
I’ve uploaded the hello world project on the rig
It seems to run but the change color button is disabled.
I’ve tried logging to the console at the beginning of the viewers.js and I cannot see the log.

Help please

First lets move you to the proper developer rig.

The one you are using is deprecated.

Please obtain the native rig

The thing is the instruction on the Hello World git are made for the old rig
and not the new one.
I’ve tried it anyhow, still ain’t working:
each time I press the button I get:
EBS request returned (error)

and also can I see the result on a browser and not on the view of the rig?

Hello. I’m getting the same error with the Hello World Extension on the native Developer Rig (version 0.9.6).

When I start hosting the front end files, I see:

GET /panel.html?anchor=panel&language=en&mode=viewer&state=testing&platform=web
GET /jquery-3.3.1.min.js
GET /viewer.js

When I activate the back-end service, I see:

Using “< ownerId >” for ownerId
Using “< secret >” for secret
Using “< clientId >” for clientId
Server running at https://localhost:8081

In Extension Views, when I click “Yes, I Would” to cycle the color, I see:

panel $ Requesting a color cycle
panel $ EBS request returned (error)

When I visit https://localhost:8081/, I see:

{“statusCode”:404,“error”:“Not Found”,“message”:“Not Found”}

Not exactly sure how to debug this, I’m going to try but sharing this info in hopes someone might spot the issue sooner than I can crack it. Thank you!

Update! I got it working. In viewer.js in the public folder, I made a change to the url value on line 18 to hardwire https: rather than passing in location.protocol

function createRequest(type, method) {

    return {
        type: type,
        // url: location.protocol + '//localhost:8081/color/' + method,
        url: 'https://localhost:8081/color/' + method,
        success: updateBlock,
        error: logError

Maybe we missed a step along the way somewhere in the setup that would have set this as https via location.protocol? Thanks.

The Hello World example extension front end assumes the protocol used to host the back end is the same as that used to host the front end. The Developer Rig hosts the Hello World example extension front end using the http: protocol (no SSL). If you delete the conf folder, the back end will run without SSL and be accessible using the http: protocol.

Thanks, that work.
How can I fix my ssl files so it would work on https

And how can I see the views in a browser? I manage to see them only on the rig app.
https://localhost.rig.twitch.tv:8080/video_component.html does not work

It’s 8081 not 8080. If the 8081 worked.