Help Running Boilerplate (Different, I promise!)

I apologize if this isn’t different, I searched through google and these forums and I’ve found others with problems installing boilerplate, but different ones, and I post only as a last resort after literal weeks of frustration.

I am on a Windows machine and trying to do any kind of test shows anything at all in a panel or overlay extension. Here is the minimum I BELIEVE should work: I onboarded, successfully created an extension (tried this with both panel and overlay), created a panel for the overlay in my channel, set up a viewer.html that I’m running on localhost with tomcat (verifiied I can browse to http://localhost:8080/viewer.html), made sure it had the correct script src in it that the iframes need. I tried it with my own viewer.html and with the one from boilerplate. Isn’t that all that’s supposed to be needed? Am I missing something? I also tried installing a random twitch panel extension to make sure I wasn’t doing anything wrong, it looked fine.

Since I couldn’t get it to work, I tried installing the boilerplate. I tried getting it to work without docker, serving the boilerplate up through tomcat, and that didn’t work. I tried installing ubuntu through the windows power shell, and that won’t run docker. I tried installing virtualbox, downloading ubuntu, and installing it, but virtualbox only seems to want to run ubuntu 32 and docker needs a 64 bit OS. In short, I’ve taken pretty extreme measures just to get to see a stupid pop “Hello World” message in a panel and everything has failed.

I’ve generated certs through the windows ubuntu shell and installed them manually in ubuntu, btw. But what are they even used for? Why should I need ssl certs just for “hello world” to show up? Is this my problem, do I need to install them in windows, somehow, too?

Thank you!

Please ensure that your local service is using HTTPS, as discussed:

That was the piece I was missing, it works now. Had to learn how to self sign a certificate. Thank you!

Also if you had observed console errors in the browser it would of flagged the issue as an error