Host/AutoHost doesn't at the viewers

I have been experience a really rough time with twitch the pass view days.
My issue is many people are trying to help and support my stream, from small to big streamers because they know that i put a lot of hours and effort to it. The way they support is by hosting me or autohosting me with sometimes 12 to 30+ people. My issue here is instead of my viewers to go up they go down.

When i go and host someone after i am done with my stream and i know for a fact the hosts are keep going, when i host them their alerts says you ‘‘ICOnlyBlue Now is hosting you with 30 viewers’’. Even when my twitch viewers were 8 and when i host them it adds the 30 viewers to their stream but not mine.

WHY? Its driving me nuts all this.
People are raiding me and everything and twitch is messing with my head.

  1. I removed all the connected apps from twitch (youtube,twitter,facebook…act)
  2. I unmoded everyone including my bot

Let’s see if that works. Didnt test it yet. Twitch didnt answer my email yet.
Anyone has any idea whats the issue here?

Pictures bellow shows the case from 2 different times.

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