How often can I poll the API for full subscribers/followers lists?

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Did you ever get an answer on that? I would like to do the same thing, also every minute, but have been worried about getting all pages of the list every 60 seconds.

Ideally I’d like to do the same for followers, although I care a lot less about that.

Although i didnt, my current solution loads all subscriber pages (about 10 in my case) every 120 seconds with no delay in between the different pages. Some times i get an empty result so keep that in mind and add proper error handling.

By empty result, do you mean you get a valid 200 status code, but then the body is empty? Or the body is valid, but the subscriptions array has 0 elements (and/or _total is 0)? Or are you getting a non-200 status code?

I infact dont exactly know anymore, but i just compare the _total variable that i get in the reply with the actually parsed amount of subs. If the difference is no more than 98% i continue w/ evaluating the gotten data.

WOW. That’s exciting. Thanks for the heads up!

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