I have completed developer on boarding and am qualified for affiliate on boarding but can't begin affiliate

A few days ago I finished the developer on boarding and tried to start the affiliate on boarding. I am qualified for affiliate because I have the invite button, however when I try to start it states that I can only do one on boarding process at a time, even though I have already finished the developer on boarding one. Here is an image showing the message I get https://gyazo.com/e53cd6bbb9b3b9724e1bf46afd18ae52. I have contacted twitch support multiple times and even posted in the developer twitch chat client thing and have gotten no response. I have been qualified for over a week, but sadly can’t become an affiliate. Thanks!

Channel name: “hexicle”
If that helps

Hi @HEXICLE, I’m checking to see if this is something the Extensions team can assist with or if Twitch Support is the way to go.

Thank you! I understand this my not be the best place for this type of problem, but I have gotten no response from twitch support in over a week.

I’ve confirmed that Support is the team that can help you resolve the onboarding issue. I’m going to contact them as well on your behalf.

Thank you for the help!

I received confirmation from the support team that they are aware of the tickets you have submitted.
They will get to your situation for sure!

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Thank you

Any idea for how long it will take to hear from twitch support. I sent the the support email 7 days ago and have had this problem for 12 days.