Interactive community driven input and decision making

With some new announcements from a competitor today, I’m investigating twitch’s offering to see what value we could bring to our games if we invest in twitch integration.

The main feature I have in mind is for viewers to actually control the streamer’s input for short periods of time. This could be used to seamlessly enable viewers to make decisions in our RPGs for example or modify the lineup for a sports team before playing a match.

What features does twitch currently provide for in-game interaction between streamer and viewers? What features are coming soon?

Thank you very much in advance!

Anything we, third party devs, write custom, for example TwitchPlaysPokemon takes input from chat.

Whats coming soon, no idea, they won’t tell us and they generally don’t comment on future plans.

The new interactive overlay stuff looks interesting but no docs and in closed testing right now.

In the end, the lowest common, all platform denominator is Twitch Chat, it works on all platforms, so you can accept input from there.

As always, if you are a game dev you might be better off talking to Dev Success more directly, but I’m not sure how best to reach them these days. Twitch Game Developer Playbook | Twitch Developers and


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