IRC Possible Privacy Issue


I was starting to do some with with the Twitch IRC and noticed something that may be a privacy issue, mostly because if you request that information through the API you need to have user authorization with the scope of user_subscriptions.

Before every message sent to the Twitch IRC, you will receive SPECIALUSER, EMOTESET, and USERCOLOR. Using the values for EMOTESET you can easily find who a user subscribers to by using the non-documented Product API.

Now, this isn’t that big of an issue, no personal information is released, but since users usually don’t have access to see who a user subscribers to, I thought this should possibly be noted.

Just for reference, I was using TWITCHCLIENT 1 and TWITCHCLIENT 2, both will display this information as for June 7, 2014.

This is probably a case of having to expose small amounts of information about a user’s subscription in order for site functionality to work.

EMOTESET is required to tell the web chat client what sets of emotes an individual user should have access to use and thus replace their text with the appropriate inline image.