Is there a way to access the raw chat text of a Twitch clip?

I’d like to access the raw text of a Twitch clip or a VOD within a given timeframe, can anyone recommend a way to accomplish this?

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There are no official end points for this. And I don’t have any unofficial notes on the subject. I’d have to go digging myself to see how it behaves.

I’m pretty new on the web development, however, I dig some info on the network tab of chrome and json Twitch responses about clip chat. I realized that it actually get clips from past broadcasts by responding with the clip’s offseconds and then It gets comments from there. Any Idea how can I reach text of a past broadcast?

I figured it out. You can simply get the clip data which has the clip’s start offset and the duration. You can also gather broadcast data so it’s possible to parse clip’s chat data from it. If anyone interested, I can publish a github for it.

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Hi that would be amazing! Please do!

Here is the github repo:

It’s my first published project and I learned python in the process. So if you face any problems, let me know!

I’ve been doing this for quite some time for any VOD:

To get the info what point in a VOD the clip is made from you currently need to make your own api requests that my project doesn’t handle, but they’re mentioned in

Hey, I found your repo when I was looking for how to get a clip’s chat data. Also, I’m the one who reported that logic problem, glad to see you here hehe. After searching a bit, I decided to make my own for clip chat, since yours was really good at VOD stuff. So I wrote it in Python, not js though. It’s pretty easy after learning how API requests and specifically Twitch’s work.

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