Is there an API (or an alternative), to call the same extension overlay information that I would see in my browser?

Basically, there’s a Twitch extension that interests me that works as an overlay (you mouse over things on screen, it displays an image), and it’s wonderfully helpful. I’d like to set up some sort of way to store the data that is displayed to you via this overlay/extension, so that you can view it later (of course, the extension isn’t saved in the VODs for now). Do you have any ideas of where to begin? I’m happy to dive in and learn about a new project, but I’m quite weak with this web based stuff. I know I can’t just treat it like usual webscraping, if I just call for the HTML code of the page in my program, it of course won’t include the extension data (although when I inspect element within my Chrome browser running the stream, of course I can view all the image files that I need).

Any advice? I’m just looking for a small scale tool that lets me “save” what I personally view for later. Thanks.

If it’s your extension you can do what you want to record the events.

Ah it’s not my extension. I’m the viewer. I’d just like a way to record the data that is sent to my own browser when I’m viewing it.

It’s not very simple to achieve that.

Nor to play it back after you have recorded it if you did so.

For what it’s worth, I’m not planning on playing it back. I know that would be very difficult, but all I want to do is any generic way of storing the data that my browser receives on my computer in a file.

But if you aren’t sure of a way to do that, no worries, I know it might not be particularly supported.

There is no sensible easy way to do it

Because every extension is different and every extension behaves differently, theres no one way to do it