Kraken hosts endpoint removed


Just saw that hosts endpoint ( is gone from kraken api and the tmi route had already been removed (
I already read other threads here on this forum and hosts seem like a obscure thing for twitch api/chat (since they are only sent to the streamer and now the 2 routes removed) idk why :man_shrugging:
There are currently no other alternatives, right?


Those hosts endpoints you linked were never documented or intended for 3rd party use, so getting hosts from chat is the only supported way.


Check out and let Twitch know why you need it

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What I do for my own use is to open a second chat connection as myself (the streamer), and use that only to monitor for host notifications. A more structured notification (PubSub, webhook, whatever) would be nice, though, since getting it from chat involves parsing the notification message text and doing a lookup to get the user ID.

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