Latency To Broadcaster

hi, i found this “Latency To Broadcaster” thing in the settings under advanced,and was wondering if it is showing the amount of time i am behind the stream, as in if it is saying 8 second, then i am 8 seconds behind from where the stream is, and if thats what it is showing, is that from where the streamer point of view is? or is there elements that add to that so i am even more behind the streamer than those 8 seconds. Thank you.

It’s the length of time between you and when that video frame was captured by the streaming software.

So if the stream was showing a clock. The clock would be 8 seconds behind the clock on your computer.

oh i get it thank you. btw is there any situation where the streamer can add some sort of personal delay aside from that using a program or something? and in this case , will the “Latency To Broadcaster” count that and add to those 8 seconds? . i guess my point is that if the number i see is always showing the literal amount of time between what im seeing and where the streamer is. @BarryCarlyon

if $streamSoftware doesn’t have the option

there is/was a option in the dashboard to delay a stream. But I think it’s limited to partners as I don’t see it in my dashboard

@Fugiman hi, may i get a second approval for what has been said in this topic, also please a clarification on the last question about the delay option and if will it also be shown under “Latency To Broadcaster” if it is enabled. Thank you.

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I haven’t done testing myself but I don’t believe Twitch’s setting to add a delay is included in the broadcaster latency, and any delay added on the streamers side also isn’t included as Twitch would have no way to know if a video feed is being buffered prior to ingest.

oh ok thank you. but then it kinda doesnt make sense in its name does it? it is called “Latency To Broadcaster” what if most of streamers or the ones i watch have that option on, then latency to who is it showing if not the “broadcaster”.

For the vast majority of streams it is accurately named as very few streamers use additional delays other thst a few competitive streams as the higher the delay the worse the experience between broadcaster and their community in chat.

As I mentioned, there’s no possible way for Twitch to know if the broadcaster is instituting a delay prior to ingest, so if you have some reason to know the precise delay just ask the broadcaster you’re working with as that’s the only way you’ll know what they’ve set, and then you can add that to the latency shown.

As for naming, I guess it could be more accurately be called “latency to the broadcast”, as it is the latency to what is being broadcast regardless of if the content is in real-time, delayed, or even a video previously recorded being broadcast.