Live_activated_channels is misbehaving again

This end point is misbehaving again

For a live extension. A call to

Says the cursor is


A call to

says the cursor is, the same…

As a result I cannot cursor thru all pages and get everyone currently live, which is breaking my “promote people live on my extension dohickey”

Please fix, please and thank you

Edit: (I might not have fully compared the cursors char to char but I do have people missing)

@BarryCarlyon I’m actually getting two different cursors though the second page is in fact empty so I’m not sure about the missing channels :confused:

Cursor One (same as yours just split to show the difference):

aW5zdGFsbCM 1NDQzMjg5 Mjp1ZGRmcGpwbTgzYmNqMzN2bXhreXpmN201NW8yMHE6

Cursor Two:

aW5zdGFsbCM 5OTgxNzY1 Mjp1ZGRmcGpwbTgzYmNqMzN2bXhreXpmN201NW8yMHE6

Yeah someone from the TwitchDev server on TwitchApp cross checked and spotted I hadn’t fully checked the cursors properly

So seems the cursors are working fine. I just have people “live” missing

Checking back in.

It is still misbehaving.

Right now I get

The last url returns nothing but "channels": []

Page one I get three streamers
Page two I get 1 streamer
Page three I get nothing

However. Right now I MrMyu is live with the extension enabled. But is not returned at all. But I noticed, that MrMyu is using the extension in the component slot. I would postulate that live_activated_channels is NOT returning Component users.

The documention makes no note about if/how to ask for components.
In addition the endpoint is returning data that does not match the examples:

"id": "36775052",
"username": "Blackninja272",
"game": "Elite: Dangerous",
"title": "winged combat\n",
"view_count": "2206"

For example, does not include the anchor as documented.

Changing the URL from above to the documented makes no difference

I just posted over in the other thread about this. We think that we found the issue and we are looking into a fix. We will update you when we can.

This should be fixed now. Please let us know If you notice anything else. You should see components retuned now.

Doesn’t look like it.

Also still no “anchor” in the output like in the docs

I checked today

The output still does not match the documentation

Unfortunately, returning anchors is not supported. The documentation is being updated to reflect that.
It would be helpful to know what you were planing on using this for so that we can figure out where it fits on our roadmap.

To see how a user is using my extension.

And I may need to pubsub different data based on if a user is in component or fullscreen mode