Live_activated_channels not listing all live channels

I have noticed that the Live_activated_channels endpoint for my extension it is only listing channels with the overlay active and not any channels with the component active

I have verified that the extension is running as a component and not being listed

Is this a known issue?

I noted this here Live_activated_channels is misbehaving again

Disappointing there has been no response from the devs yet :frowning: i am building a couple of features that would depend on this working

@StreamDecker we’re looking into this. Can you help us out by pointing to a channel which is currently live and has your extension installed and activated as a component, but doesn’t show up in the live activated channels API? We see correct results for other components and are trying to narrow this down

We have found a bug that we think could be causing this and are looking into a fix for it. We will update you when we can. or normally use the component version

the client id is p6wg2uslpz97av0n61d1v0c7zo3buk

This should be fixed now. Please let us know If you notice anything else.