Live Channels and Required Config Questions

Couple of questions:

Set Extension Required Configuration

  • If I set a required_configuration that is not the correct string does it deactivate the extension?

Get Live Channels with Extension Activated -

  • More a question with regards API limits, are there API limits for the
  • How many results are returned from the endpoint? I assume it’s paged due to the cursor.
  • Assuming the above is true and is is paged, the cursor gets the next page, is the cursor blank if there is no next page?

That end pointed appeared to set no rate limited headers

No cursor found when I called that end point


I got 92 and all 92 returned and no cursor in the response

Not tested it but that would make sense.

He means the


endpoint that grabs the streams that are live and have your extension activated.

The docs show this example response:

“channels”: [
“id”: “27419011”,
“title”: “Still hunting for chicken!”,
“username”: “TravistyOJ”,
“view_count”: “943”
“cursor”: “OTk1MjQwNzFAMjR1NjJraW01bW4wc2xod2lnZHQ3djR5Ymt3ZWY1QDEuMC4z”

the question now is… is this cursor blank if there is no further page to grab and whats the count of streams per page bcs the docs dont give any information about that

It’s a kraken end point, so no has no rate limiting other than “don’t be an asshole”.

I checked the end point. There was no rate limit related header present

I’ve never seen this end point with a cursor myself. The actual output for my extension, did not include a cursor key at all. But then my extension is low population.

Looking at this extension I see 105 channels and a cursor.

And this one shows 33 with a cursor.

I suppose if you get a cursor, follow the cursor, if you don’t, don’t

Thanks both, been a bit busy with the kids, so lacking research time.

@BarryCarlyon star as always

@Syzuna thanks for the quick response in “what he meant was” :wink: