Massive problems with the hosting feature


since yesterday we have massive problems with the hosting feature. We are hosting other channels with out custom bot about 20 hours a day. When we unhost other channels the user cannot see our stream - it just keeps running. When we host another channel the user have to reload the page to make the new channel visible.

That makes the hosting feature for us pretty much useless. We want to support the channels with our viewers but that is impossible if our viewers just quit the chat because nothing happens. When will this be fixed?

It seems that hosted channels aren’t notified correctly too (even though it works for us so far). We had some people telling us that they did not get a notification about the host.

Yesterday there was an event which caused 2hrs of downtime for chat. Changing the host target for channels were not working during this time.

As far as I know, this feature has been working again since chat started working again.

It does appear that this is not working. We will fix shortly.

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It works (sometimes) but the user is not redirected. He is forced to reload the page.

I updated my response above. I have tested and confirmed that this is an issue. We’ll start looking into it and will hopefully fix shortly.

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I just pushed out a fix and confirmed via testing that it is now working correctly. Let me know if you see any issues going forward.


It worked after reloading the page, thank you!

A new problems: Streamers don’t see in their chat when someone hosts them. That does not matter for us so much because we have our own chat implementation, but streamers often want to thank their hosts and they can’t if they are not notified.