Bugs with the host feature

Just creating a topic to start a discussion about bugs with the hosting feature. My browser is Chrome. There is a possibility that the bttv extension could be conflicting with some of the features.

When I click on the username below the video of the person a streamer is hosting, it takes me to their stream, however there are some weird bugs with it:

-The title sometimes doesn’t update to their title until a refresh.

-Sub icons appear as the hoster’s sub icons, even though I’m in another streamer’s chat.

-The formatting of the chat looks strange (indents on subsequent lines, where there usually isn’t.

-Follow and SUB buttons don’t update correctly in the event you follow one streamer but aren’t following the streamer who gets hosted

-Some formatting bugs overall.

If I missed anything, please add other bugs related to the hosting feature. It’s a great feature, and I would love to see it polished up!

to save creating another thread for it, One thing as a streamer i’ve noticed and others have too, is that if you’re hosting someone and you go live. Unless you MANUALLY /unhost then your viewers will never see your stream.

A facility to automatically stop hosting if the hosters channel goes live would be a great addition. Not to mention that it’s relatively easy to implement code wise (i’ve done it in my own FMS apps). It would help us casters who have a lapse of memory :smiley: