Automatic unhosting now? Please no!


I saw this in the logs:

@msg-id=host_target_went_offline NOTICE #efficiencyvi :efficiencyvi has gone offline. Exiting host mode

Is that a new feature and if so, how can I turn it off? Because this is one of the most stupid ideas ever.

Yes, it’s new and there is no opt-out method at present. While I understand there are some circumstances under which these changes would be less than ideal, and others where it would be, I’d be interested to know why it’s problematic in your specific case. I wasn’t able to glean that from your post.

I’ve been working with the hosting feature for a long time and my bot was one of the first that could provide reliable automatic hosting. I also know that there are a lot of circumstances under which a streamer is shown as offline even though he isn’t - or he is only for a short moment. This feature now messes with my own routines.

There are also some circumstances under which I don’t want automatic unhosting, e. g. when I know that a streamer makes a 24 hour charity stream and I want to support him. Then I don’t care if he is 5 minutes offline because he has to reboot his computer for some reasons. This feature might be useful for some streamers but I think hosting is user function and the control over the hosts should be stayed at the users control and not overtaken by Twitch.

That shouldn’t be an issue. Currently, the host will not end unless the host target has been offline for more than 1 minute. Unexpected downtime is certainly a factor though and may extend beyond the 1 minute mark but this is only the first iteration and that number may very well be tweaked.

If you haven’t already, I recommend reading the discussions in this thread.

There are also some times when you want to host an offline channel. For example if your stream is ending and you want to host someone who is scheduled to stream after you but might be starting late, or you’re ending early, you might want to pre-emptively host that channel while he is offline and know that when he is online the hosting will all be set already.

With this new feature you would have to wait around until the target channel is online, or else it would just unhost after 1 min.

Don’t get me wrong this is a great feature, and one many bots already do as it is so simple to do, but it shouldn’t take control away from the broadcaster, it should provide an option of letting the broadcaster/editors manage all hosting/unhosting if that is what they want.

From my understanding, this behaviour should not occur.

…you can host somebody before they go online, and the host will remain in effect until they go online and then back offline again.

Working as stated on my end.

Thank you for your explanation. 1 minute is usually not enough to determine if a streamer is really offline or has just technical difficulties (restarting OBS takes longer than 1 minute, rebooting even more). As I said, it took me a long time to make automatic hosting really relieable. As soon as the streamer goes offline, my bot checks at least 3 times (once per minute/configurable) if the Twitch API confirms the streamer to be offline. My goal is not to max out the number of hosting. My goal is to make sure that the best targets I have are hosted.

There is also another downside. Let’s say something is not working properly in a stream (e. g. music not playing) then the caster will now think about restarting the stream because he may loose all his hosts. So he rather reduces the quality of his stream than loosing most of his viewers and that may lead to worse streams.

I’m totally fine when the chat tells me that the streamer is offline, but the host should not be removed unless I want that. As I said before hosting is a user choice … so basically automatic unhosting is like removing panels from the profile as soon as a link in it is not available for some time.

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