Max length of title and other limitations

I have the following queries with respect to title . Kindly help

  1. What is the max length of a title that can be set ?
  2. Can we use special characters too ?
  3. Is only english accepted , or can we use other languages too ?

This forum is for third party developer support for the API. Not sure if this is related to the website or the API. :slight_smile:

Having said that, if you’re talking about the stream title, there is a character counter underneath the field in the dashboard. You can also use extended character sets.

There are no language limitations beyond some words being blocked due to their meaning and common abuse.

I’ve seen stream titles come through in numerous languages on my bot… also with unicode emotes as well… I would recommend if you are storing or displaying the titles somewhere to make sure the encoding is set to UTF8MB4-unicode_ci for maximum compatibility…

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