Migration to helix from deprecated v5

According to Can you retrieve viewer count for a game? - #2 by Dist - API - Twitch Developer Forums the Helix endpoint does not have a viewer/channels count for the top games:
Reference | Twitch Developers

The v5 endpoint does:

Any chance Helix could get this feature as well? I could query the information for 2200 games (retrieved from the top games endpoint) from other endpoints such as Reference | Twitch Developers for the number of streamers/channels, but i would reach my api rate limit waaay to easily.

Could anyone point me in the right direction? I’d like to migrate away from V5, but im kinda stuck here…

Your only option in Helix is to use the Get Streams endpoint, and paginate through the list of streams. Keeping in mind that as you go through more pages, accuracy of results will drop significantly.

Yeah that’s not really a possibility. Querying the streams will get me a viewer_count for 1 channel for 1 game. Im looking for get a viewer_count and a channel_count for the 2200-3000 games i get from the top games endpoint. It would be too ineffecient and inaccurate to even consider this.

Yes, the get streams endpoint only gives you the viewer count for each individual streams, but that’s why you’d page through and sum the results.

You can even filter the results so specific games, so you can make parallel requests, one for each game, and page through each individually. Some games may only have 1 or 2 pages of results, others may have hundreds, all depends on what games you want data for.

If you are the developer/publisher of those games and have claimed ownership for your organisation on Twitch then you’ll have access to those games analytics. If you’re not the developer/publisher, and have not been granted the scope to access that data by the developer/publisher, then your ability to scrape data will be very limited and have significant degree of inaccuracy.