Number of Views Per Game for New API

Our web application currently uses Twitch API v5. Knowing that it will be removed later this year, we’re starting to migrate to the new API. One of the functions that we’ve been using for the longest time is the get top games However, in the new API, the viewer count is not included. Is there an option to do this using the get top games function of the new API? I prefer not to do go through each livestream of the top games just to get the number of viewers. Thank you.

P.S. The sample in the reference page of Get Top Games for the New API has the wrong cURL script sample. Just a heads up.


For Helix I’m afraid the only way is to query streams for each game returned by
and sum the viewers. It is much harder to get an accurate value though :frowning:

I see. This also means that it will take more time to execute given the number of requests involved if I do it by batch of game entries. :frowning:
I wish it gets added eventually. Thanks for the response.

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