Monetizing the embeded player

Hi everyone,

I just created a start up and i want to create a web site in which my visitors will be able to watch lives from Twitch. I know that it is possible to embed the twitch player on my own web page, but what i want to know is if it’s possible to monetize this player.
My buisiness plan is based on advertisement, my visitors will earn points by looking at ads, then they’ll be able to earns goods with those points. So i need to put the twitch embeded player on a page in order to make them wait untill the next ad appears. I would like to know if i embed the player do the twitch’s ad will appear to the visitor ? And will i earn some money with those ads, or will i have to put my own ads ?

Moreover, i also would know if it’s legaly possible to record twitch’s live and store them somewhere, and then broadcast the replays on my web page (not using the twhitch embeded player). And if i do that will i be able to put ads and earn money as long as the replays do not belong to me.

Thank you in advance for your replies.

PS: Sorry for my bad english, tell me if you need any informations.

Well I know you can’t record someone else content and then rebroadcast it without permission from the content creator.

Thats why VODs exist and Partnered Twitch streamers can optionally lock those to sub only. Some streamers take their content and post to YouTube at their own discretion.

I’m fairly sure what you want to do is against the Twitch TOS, but I’ m sure Twitch Legal or someone else on this forum has the answer.

But anywho, you’ll be doubleing the number of ads, as Twitch player will play ads and then your system will run ads, I don’t think you have a wise business plan here and I fairly sure it’s not allowed.

I’m not a lawyer either but from my reading of the ToS this does not seem like it’d be allowed. Even if you find another site doing it that does not mean it is allowed either. I’d recommend you email with your question because I think they’re the only ones at twitch who’d be able to comment on this.

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