My extension won't show up on the search results

I created an extension called, king of road, yet when i search for it in the extension search bar, i seem to find no result, i don’t think my extension was disabled by the devs, i would’ve gotten an email or something, soo yeah, i have no idea what’s going on.

Any help would be appreciated.

Extension ID please!

@BarryCarlyon First off, it’s been a long time, hi, how are you today?
secondly, i can’t seem to find the extension id, could you direct me to it?

Fair to middling

ClientID/ExtensionID are used as terms of the same thing and can be seen from the URL to the extension on Twitch or in the console and where highlighted


sorry for the late replies, i’m also working on another project.

I am also unable to find it via the direct install link or search.

Assuming that the current release version is 0.0.1 sends me a time machine page.

And logged out auto find the same

This usually indicates it’s not actually released, or something else is awry. Whats the current release version number?

does this help?

This extension is not released, so it probably won’t show in search as it’s not released.

In order to install this extension, for testing, you need to go

  • Dashboard
  • Extensions
  • Invite Only

You can also get to the install URL by going to Manage that version
And Scroll down on the “status” page to “View on Twitch and Install”

Also PLEASE Enable 2FA sooner rather than later!

Could you also guide me as to how an extension is released?
AND THANK YOU BARRY, this is why i love you man.

There are some notes here

You need to have provided you extension with the following

When managing a version of an extension

  1. Enable 2fa
  2. Under “Version Details”, Provide all the Image Assets, Icons, Discovery Image and at least one screenshot
  3. Populate the name and descriptive fields as well as Privacy Policy and EULA if relevant
  4. Under Files, Upload a zip file containing the front end assets (files)

Then Top Left hit “Next Step” or go to the Status Page, and click “Move to Hosted Test”
To move from local test to hosted test

Test your extension to make sure it works.

Then if that’s all good, extension still works.

Under Status.

Hit “Submit for Review” and follows the prompts

Then wait 3-5 days or so for Twitch to review your extension, if the extension passes Review, instructions will be provided in an email, but essentially manage the version and hit the “Release” button

Also Enable 2FA