The extension was released but is not available in the search results for users

ClientID: gg38jg2zoibgcx7734sdgrs0nnhqvw.
Ext: PLINK Stats for Apex Legends 0.2.3
(only my account is in the white list of test accounts, the list of streamers is empty).

Attached images:
Status - 1 — Postimages
Response object related to this extension in the ‘my extensions’ tab - 2 — Postimages
Search result display(Apex showOff - different extension) - 3 — Postimages

Thank you for your attention.

It’s likely not showing up in search results because it’s not a public Extension. When I go to the page for your new Extension it’s not installable by me, which would indicate you do have it allowlisted to a set of channels.

the API result for this extension shows it is not public.

So recheck (and/or) post a screenshot of your access tab

in ‘Testing Account Allowlist’ is just my account, which cannot be removed.

This is where we find out that an ad or script blocker is hiding a user that is in the Streamer Allowlist for some reason.

Might be worth inspect elementing (or extensionless browser) to take a look. Or poke around to see if there is a user there that is not drawing correctly to the UI.

It’s unlikely but something to check/dig about for. As “start typing” only appears if it’s empty I think anyway.

The API output for this suggests an allowlist is present:

"can_install": false,

as can_install is false which usually indicates a streamer allowlist is present

~ $ twitch api get 'extensions/released?extension_id=gg38jg2zoibgcx7734sdgrs0nnhqvw'
  "data": [
      "allowlisted_config_urls": [
      "allowlisted_panel_urls": [
      "author_name": "PLINK",
      "bits_enabled": false,
      "can_install": false,
      "configuration_location": "hosted",
      "description": "Share your Apex Legends stats during the stream.\r\n\r\nFind teammates in PLINK app on IOS and Android -\r\n\r\n\r\nAPEX LEGENDS and Electronic Arts Inc. are trademarks of Electronic Arts Inc. Plink, Inc. claims no rights to such marks and no affiliation with APEX LEGENDS and Electronic Arts Inc.",
      "eula_tos_url": "",
      "has_chat_support": false,
      "icon_url": "",
      "icon_urls": {
        "100x100": "",
        "24x24": "",
        "300x200": ""
      "id": "gg38jg2zoibgcx7734sdgrs0nnhqvw",
      "name": "PLINK Stats for Apex Legends",
      "privacy_policy_url": "",
      "request_identity_link": false,
      "screenshot_urls": [
      "state": "Released",
      "subscriptions_support_level": "none",
      "summary": "Your statistics in Apex Legends on the screen",
      "support_email": "",
      "version": "0.2.3",
      "viewer_summary": "Your statistics in Apex Legends on the screen",
      "views": {
        "component": {
          "aspect_height": 0,
          "aspect_ratio_x": 48000,
          "aspect_ratio_y": 36000,
          "aspect_width": 0,
          "autoscale": true,
          "can_link_external_content": false,
          "scale_pixels": 1024,
          "size": 0,
          "target_height": 5333,
          "viewer_url": "",
          "zoom": false,
          "zoom_pixels": 0
        "config": {
          "can_link_external_content": true,
          "viewer_url": ""
        "live_config": {
          "can_link_external_content": true,
          "viewer_url": ""
        "panel": {
          "can_link_external_content": true,
          "height": 300,
          "viewer_url": ""

Also for the record you can upload images to the forum they’ll display inline

Rechecked the list of streamers without any browser extensions. It is still empty.

I also noticed a trend, if you view the analytics (‘View analytics’), then the displayed status of the application becomes ‘Local test’. Could this (hypothetically) be related to the current problem?

Can you, in the absence of another possible solution, change the boolean value in the extension object of our organization

Thank you for your participation.

No the header bar will show the wrong state if you arrive into the dashboard via the wrong URL. Like if you go dashboard → extension → versions → a version (now on [status] tab) → click [access] tab → f5 → header bar doesn’t load/show the true state. It’s just a dashboard display bug.

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Thanks for your reply.

The situation remains unchanged.

We don’t have anyone on the whitelist in our dashboard, so we don’t have the physical ability to remove someone from there. What should we do in this case, how do we remove people from the white list that we don’t see?
Or maybe you can tell us how to contact the Extensions team in order to solve this issue directly with them and sort out the problem without wasting your time. Thanks

Confirming that we’re looking into this. If I recall correctly, the first look at the Extension confirmed there was an allowlist. Since your screenshot indicates no allowlist, I’m bringing the situation up with the team to investigate further.

The team confirmed that in our backend systems there is one streamer in the allowlist. It just so happens that the Twitch account in the list is the account that owns the Extension, so we’re going to look into this further tomorrow to help resolve. There may be some debugged after your resolution regarding adding oneself to the streamer allowlist and/or the UI not showing the owner of the Extension in this list for some reason.

As a final followup, the team confirmed that there was an issue that the username was stored instead of the user id, which caused an issue with displaying the allowlist in the developer console. The allowlist for the latest Extension version has been manually cleared.