No latest follower, cheer (bits) at the API available?

Hey, I’ve managed so far to access Leaderboard and Subscription from API (Thanks again to BarryCarlyon for your really good tutorials and help here in the forum!!!)

Is there really no way to get the latest followers, latest cheer etc via the API?
I want to visualize like the streamlabs overlay does, latest interaction. So I have to safe these events by myself via eventsubs (which are already implemented)?


For Follows you can use the Get Users Follows endpoint, which you can poll to see if there are any new follows since the last time you made a request, or you can use the channel.follow EventSub Subscription Type

As for cheers, you can either use the channel.cheer EventSub Subscription Type, or use a chat connection and monitor cheers through that. There’s not API endpoint to retrieve a list of previous cheers.

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Streamlabs collects it in real time
Streamlabs may store the historical event on it’s own services
On overlay load/refresh the overlay fetchs it from the historical systems that Streamlabs itself runs.

Twitch doesn’t really do much in terms of “historical” events.

So use the relevant API’s to collect data in “real time” and store it in your own history database tables/cache. If you need historical recovery.

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