Off-site linking not working?

Hi I’m creating my first extension and just trying to make a simple link to Google that opens in a new tab.

<a href="" target="_blank"> Link </a>

I have added the url to the whitelist, but when you click the link nothing happens.

Which view are you placing the link in? Off-site linking is only allowed within Panels, Config, and Live Config (dashboard) views.

And when you say nothing happens, are you getting any errors in the console?

Ah it’s a video component, is off-site linking not allowed there at all?

For the vast majority of developers, off-site linking is not allowed in video overlay or component views (which is why there isn’t a whitelist for them). There are a couple unique exceptions to this, but these are extensions that were specifically granted the ability to do so, and usually because they link to either Amazon owned sites, or sites using Amazon Pay for transactions.

Ah ok, that makes sense I guess. I was just trying to create a simple navigation menu for external links but I guess that won’t be possible. Thanks for the reply.