Own Homepage SetUp (Beginner)

I am really much at trying. But as soon as it goes in the direction of API, Java and Kraken I understand nothing … Therefore I ask here for help as one starts the whole at all. I wish for my homepage an integration of my stream (which is synonymous twitch is not a problem) and a chat where I can make the background and so on, invisible, so transparent.

Furthermore, I would like, if these options exist, a simple and normal listing of my last streams, a follower bez. Sub button would not be bad either.

I apologize for my bad English, and thank you for reading and coming help. Thank you.


Nobody can give me links to guides or startups or ‘templates’ to work with it :frowning: ?!

Your going to have to code most of those features yourself since you likely will not find an out of box template. Chat is going to be the most difficult since you basically have to write your own chat client.

Chat: https://dev.twitch.tv/docs/v5/guides/irc/

Last Streams (aka Vods): https://dev.twitch.tv/docs/v5/reference/videos/

Followers: https://dev.twitch.tv/docs/v5/reference/channels/#get-channel-followers

Sub button is the easy part since you can just use a link to: https://twitch.tv/<channel_name>/subscribe

Sooooooooo… first - Thanks for the links.

I have always tried to understand myself in quiet moments. But nothing wants to work. I’m obviously too stupid.
Sure it is to the whole stuff is not simply a package for download, and the things that you want to use can also be used. Without the knowledge as the individual things functions.

Attached I would just like the chat as he is, only with transparent background and white font instead of black and the last streams lined up. I do not even know where to start and how to start. For further help I would of course give a credit to GitHUB or wherever. :x

I would rather stay the creative and create for the geeks of the codes the graphics. ^~^

Why there are not simply WP-Plugins to it. You could make good money with. lol


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